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Virtual Gallery Open!!

Welcome to our virtual gallery, Pine Mills Pottery ONLINE, where you can acquire the very best work from two of the world’s most notable ceramic artists, Daphne Roehr Hatcher and Gary C. Hatcher.  Collectors have asked for a virtual avenue to view and acquire their work, long available to visitors at their studio/gallery, Pine Mills Pottery.

This virtual space represents a selection of works selected from recent firings that Daphne and Gary feel is their best work. Out of every firing Daphne and Gary select works that are set aside for exhibitions and placement in private collections. Here we have assembled the best for you.

Visitors are always welcome at Pine Mills Pottery in East Texas, the studio and home place of potters Daphne Roehr Hatcher and Gary Hatcher, established in 1979, upon return from a three year apprenticeship in England, France, and Greece where they worked in the studios of several established ceramic artists, most notably, and for the longest period of time, the ceramic artist and potter, David Leach.

Recognizing that their work was being sought throughout the world by people who could not make a quick trip to their studios, they took time to organize and select an acceptable venue for making work available online. What you see here today is the virtual space that we feel meets our expectations for an exceptional experience for our collectors.

The work available here online is the result of a relentless commitment to quality and aesthetic beauty which has continued, approaching 50 years. Our collectors may still come to the studio, walk in our woodlands, reserve the guest house, and select from our gallery. We hope everyone will come visit. This virtual space is our offering to making the best of our work available to you in an easy, simple, format, from the comfort of your home or office. Pick the pieces you desire and we will have them to you in a few days. We guarantee you will be happy or we will gladly exchange for another work of your choice. You only pay for return shipping.

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