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Gary's Collection

From every firing I save the best pieces for exhibitions and for study and contemplation. The group in this collection is some of the best work I have done over the last year. The work is a culmination of 44 years of intense study, hundreds of firing, glaze, and clay experimentation. Most of this work was fired in the large wood-fired kiln at Pine Mills Pottery. The glazes used on these pieces are enhanced by the wood ash that is deposited on the surface of the pieces. As the glazes melt at around 2400 °Fahrenheit, the wood ash blends on the surface, causing a wide variety of subtle tones and complex colors. Those pieces not fired in the wood kiln are primarily pieces that have a white zirconium glaze on them, with various bright colored glazes trailed over the white glaze. I call this my "Carnival" series. The pieces are very unlike the wood fired pieces, but they also capture a tension of chaos/order, refined form/surface variety, and light/dark color tones. I hope you enjoy browsing this representation of my best work.