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Sold Out DH017 11" Platter, Striped With Seven Glazes
DH027  8" Platter, Red with Chartreuse Spots
DH022 11" Black and Red "Portal" Platter
DH030 8" Spiral Tattoo Platter
Sold Out DH024 Relish Tray in Black, Purple, and Chartreuse
Sold Out GH031 Small Woodfired Bowl Amber and Gold
DH048 Spiral Tattoo Basket
Sold Out DH026 8"  Flower Platter, Tenmoku and Copper Red
DH023 Handled Oval Platter
GH037 Carved Rim Bowl
DH029 8" White and Tenmoku Spotted Platter
DH002 Extra Large Oval "Portal" Platter
DH028 8" Platter, Teal over Black with Red and Chartreuse Spots
Sold Out DH019 15" Purple and Black Flower Platter
GH030 Small Woodfired Bowl with Grooves
Sold Out DH025 Relish Tray in Green, Chartreuse, and Black
GH024 Still Life #24
Sold Out GH005 Medium Chattered Bowl
GH021 Woodfired Pitcher
GH035 Carved Rim Bowl
Sold Out GH024 Still Life #26
DH008 Large 15" Purple and Tenmoku Spotted Platter
DH046 Pair of Spiral Tattoo Vases
DH047 Large Spiral Tattoo Vase
GH032 Small Wood Fired Bowl Chattered Texture

Welcome to Pine Mills Pottery ONLINE!!

Elegance    Form    Beauty    Simplicity
Free Shipping and No Hassle Returns

Welcome to our virtual gallery, Pine Mills Pottery ONLINE, where you can acquire the very best work from two of the world’s most notable ceramic artists, Daphne Roehr Hatcher and Gary C. Hatcher.  Collectors have asked for a virtual avenue to view and acquire their work, long available to visitors at their studio/gallery, Pine Mills Pottery.

This virtual space represents a selection of works selected from recent firings that Daphne and Gary feel is their best work. Out of every firing Daphne and Gary select works that are set aside for exhibitions and placement in private collections. Here we have assembled the best for you. 

We suggest that you go to "Collections" and view the "Entire Collection" link or you may also select "Daphne Hatcher Collection" or "Gary Hatcher Collection" . Please contact us if you have questions. We do hope you enjoy this new adventure with us!
Happy Shopping!
Gary and Daphne

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