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Pine Mills Pottery

GH064 Large Flat Carved Rim Bowl

Regular price $225.00
This piece has a beautiful deep red/purple glaze on the inside with a black carved rim. As of late I have been doing a series of shallow carved rim bowls. I approach the carving as a print maker would a plate for printing, or someone drawing on a two dimensional surface would approach a piece of paper with a sharp pen or pencil. The idea is to have every detail carefully considered and attended to while making these bowls. As I result, you can see that the front, back, foot, carving, glaze selection, etc. is considered. This makes these bowls a pleasure to use, observe, collect and study. This bowl has four different glazes on it. Fired in the gas kiln rather than the wood kiln because the wood ash from the firing would obscure the carving.

Gas fired to 2450°F, Cone 13.  Shipping, packing, handling, and insurance included in price with no hassle return. See policies page for complete details.
12"W x 3.75"H

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