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Pine Mills Pottery

GH005 Medium Chattered Bowl

Regular price $425.00
At times there are pieces that come along that contain so much information and detail that is impossible to capture their essence in photographs. This is one of those pieces. I have provided a number of overall pictures, as well as some detailed pictures, to try and give you a sense of what this bowl is about. It is wood fired, so it has the variation in color and texture created by the wood ash. It has my chattering technique on the outside surface. There are three different glazes applied on the inside: black, chun, and red. The foot ring offers a surprise in that as you turn the bowl over, a deep red surprise is on the bottom. Also, the bowl was intentionally made a little off round which ads to the variety of this piece. A truly unique piece. I have never made another bowl like this one.
10.5" W x 6" H

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