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Pine Mills Pottery

DH097 Rich Teal over Black Flower

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A fine 8" platter with exceptional depth and detail. The edge is cut and altered in a flower shape. This platter has a base glaze of a rich black glaze. The second glaze application is our Texas Teal glaze that shows up in shades of teal, green, blue and black.  These two glazes melt, interact , and blend during the firing. The platter is set off by small dot of a chartreuse glaze in the very center, drawing your eye in. A beautiful platter that can be easily hung on the wall with no required hangers or devices or used as a centerpiece for a table or as the serving vessel for your favorite cuisine. 

All of the round platters are easily hung on the wall without a need for a stand, hanger or device. Of course you can add one our plate stands for presentation on a shelf, hutch or sideboard. Platter makes a beautiful serving presentation piece for food. 

Wood fired to 2450°F, Cone 13.  Shipping, packing, handling, and insurance included in price with no hassle return. See policies page for complete details.
8" w x 2" h

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