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The Entire Fall Collection from Gary and Daphne

Gary C. Hatcher and Daphne Roehr Hatcher have been artists, married, and together for 42 years. First as students at the University of North Texas, then as apprentices in England, France, and Greece, and then as partners establishing Pine Mills Pottery in northeast Texas in 1979. They have shared studios, kilns, glazes, homes, clays, glazes, dogs, cats and family. Their connection runs deep and wide. They do not, however, collaborate on individual pieces. Both artists have their own approach, techniques, and style used in their individual clay works. Each piece created at pine Mills Pottery bears the Pine Tree symbol, as well as either a DH or GH mark, designating the maker. They have shared a remarkable journey and are pleased to share the latest episode of that journey with you through this virtual gallery. Please accept this as our open invitation to you to visit us in Pine Mills at our gallery, home and studio. But, until then, please enjoy this space, time, and human adventure......of course made even better by art!