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Pine Mills Pottery

GH001 Large Cut-Sided Bowl with Sixteen Facets

Regular price $525.00
This large bowl has a series of sixteen facets carefully cut on the outside of the bowl. A thrown foot elevates the piece, making an elegant presentation. It is glazed in a deep persimmon/brown glaze that is altered especially on one side by ash from firing in the wood kiln. These wood fired pieces are often marked by the direction of the flame in the kiln leaving a subtle, soft variation in the surface. Photographs do not do this piece justice. Bowls are difficult to photograph, and reflective glazes such as this one make them even more difficult to capture. This bowl must be handled and studied in hand to appreciate the delicate nuances in shape, color, texture and form. A very collectible piece.  
12" W x 8" H

Wood fired to 2450°F, Cone 13.  Shipping, packing, handling, and insurance included in price with no hassle return. See policies page for complete details.

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