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Pine Mills Pottery

GH003 Large Pedestal Bowl

Regular price $375.00
I have never made a bowl like this one, until now. On the outside I have cut horizontal concentric grooves over the entire surface. The black glaze is accentuated by ash from firing in the wood kiln. The inside of the bowl is a Chun glaze. Chun glazes are lovely, light blue, high-fire glazes that feature opalescence caused by micro bubbles that refract light. Interestingly, Chun glazes are very similar chemically to the opal gemstone. The origin and name, chun, came from the Song Dynasty in China in 960-1279. This Chun glaze has a small percentage of copper carbonate in it which produces the red streaks. A very fine piece for the center of a table or to serve your favorite salad or mashed potatoes. 
10.5" W x 7.5 H

Wood fired to 2450°F, Cone 13.  Shipping, packing, handling, and insurance included in price with no hassle return. See policies page for complete details.

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