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Pine Mills Pottery

GH010 Fat Bottle Yellow and Purple

Regular price $325.00
This is a piece created in my "Still Life" series, which also works well as a stand-alone piece or in groups of three pieces. I describe these as a "Still Life" because they are actually studies in the juxtaposition of form and color. Some people use them for flower arrangement although they are approached more like sculpture, especially if they are arranged in a group of three as pictured in the "Still Life" gallery. Of course this piece is wood fired so you can see in the detail images the effects of wood ash deposits from the kiln. Also, you can see how the yellow and purple are changed by the wood ash.
10" H x 10" W

Wood fired to 2450°F, Cone 13.  Shipping, packing, handling, and insurance included in price with no hassle return. See policies page for complete details.

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